From Mexico City

From Georgia

Our first message is gratitude to Salan in Vancouver for her help in creating this site for us. We are in Mexico City at the home of a dear friend, Mari Carmen Quintero, and Kenny and Katie from Vancouver Hakomi are accompanying us on the first part of our journey. Jeff arrived safely in Mexico City on Monday evening and was picked up by another dear friend – our gratitude goes out to Jose for that part of the journey. Our students and friends in Mexico City have offered their prayers and help as we prepare to fly to Brazil and to all of them, we offer our thanks. If we need you, we will call. Today we fly to Guadalajara to teach Hakomi to a beautiful group of people who have been studying with us for three years and are ready to graduate. I will write again from there and try to give all of you who are following us a sense of the enormous love of our Mexican friends who wrap us in their arms and teach us how to receive. Gracias a todos.

4 thoughts on “From Mexico City

  1. I’m so excited that you have this blog, Georgia, and Jeff. Thanks to Salan for your fabulous work. I now feel like I can be with you in some small way on this journey. Sending you lots of love,

  2. So good to know that we can be armchair travelers and follow you on this great journey
    Warmest regards
    David and Sharon

  3. Wonderful to be able to follow your travels. Thanks to your friend for putting this together and to you two for writing.
    Sending lots of love, Paula

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