Guadalajara Hakomi

Hello everyone,

We are safely in Guadalajara – six members of our Hakomi team were lead through the complexities of Mexico City and Benito Juarez Airport by Mari Carmen – and we are staying with Patricia Aguirre who is the Hakomi organizer in Mexico City.  I have attached a couple of photos of the entrance to her home so that you can have a sense of this beautiful shamanic woman.  Jeff was very tired yesterday and slept most of the morning and he was able to join us for the afternoon sessions.  There is a photo of him teaching in a sweet circle with Katie and Rosi.  After our training session, Rocio offered the group a gift of healing with her Tibetan singing bowls and so our healing journey continues in the arms of Mexico.  For all of you who are following us, we send you our love and gratitude for your thoughts and support.  To Chloe who is taking care of our home while we are away, to Willow who is helping spread the news of our blog and on and on we go.Jeff and MasksPati's HomeJeff & RocioTibetan Singing Bowls

15 thoughts on “Guadalajara Hakomi

    1. Thank you Salan for letting Willis and I know about this blog. I miss all the BC people so much and feel as if I’ve been banished to another planet. it is really wonderful to have this bit of connection. Thank you Thank you. With love!

  1. Thanks Salan and Jeff and Georgia for keeping us all connected. Almost feels like we’re traveling with you. Much love, xxxx

    1. Dear Georgia, Jeff and Salan, this is a great idea to keep us all connected… thank you so much. I agree with Jill in that it feels like a part of me is traveling with you guys.
      It still amazes me (and inspires me too) seeing how you always manage to surround yourselves with so much love. You definitely take the best out of people.
      All our love to you and please give a big hug to your wonderful Mexican Hakomi family.

  2. this is so wonderful – being able to feel connected albeit “virtually.” Warmest wishes to you both and profound healing to you Jeff…on all levels. I miss you both and hope that we can see each other again when my planet approaches earth. With love.

  3. Hello Jeff and Georgina, Did not have a chance to connect with you before you left, but this wonderful blog allows me to follow with you to Brazil.
    *Much love* Allyson xxoo

  4. Dear Jeff and Georgia! Our thoughts are with you, have a good night sleep before the next step to the healing journey Brazil! Lots of hugs and lots of love from us 2.

  5. Mi querida Georgia los acompaño de corazón en el camino de la sanación , yo lo conozco y comprendo que es.

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