Leaving Tonight For Brazil

Hello everyone,

Tonight we leave Mexico City to Sao Paolo Brazil on the midnight flight.  Earlier today we left our wonderful students and friends in Guadalajara and flew with Rosi, Kenny and Katie to Mexico City.  Dani met us at the airport and has been escorting us through the maze of this huge airport.  He took us to the Aero Mexico ticket counter to check into the flight and managed to have us upgraded for free into Premier Class.  So dear friends, we are being taken care of in many ways and we leave Mexico filled with love and gratitude for all the sweet time we have spent together in Hakomi Mexico.

We arrive tomorrow evening in Abadiania and I’ll post again from there.

Gracias a todos.

Jeff and Georgia

15 thoughts on “Leaving Tonight For Brazil

  1. Well, Premier Class! That sounds like a good way to take a midnight flight. Love seeing your pictures on the blog and imagining you in the sun. Love you both so much. Thinking of you with a heart full of love – Duranne

  2. Whoops that wasn’t meant to be anonymous but obviously I did something “different”. Ahem… xoxoxoxo Duranne

  3. Premier class! Not surprised. We’ve always known you were first class.
    Have a ball. You must be pretty excited on your way to Brazil.
    Take our love with you and meld it with all the love in Brazil. Be flooded with it!

  4. Hi Jeff and Georgia,
    It is lovely to share this journey of healing and transformation with you. I will be listening, sending loving intention.
    big hugs to both of you,

  5. good premier flight and hopefully some sweet dreams too… travelling with you, sharing this journey with you! big hug and lots of love, t & H

  6. Sending love and prayers as you take this next phase of the journey… so glad you feel well cared for! Hope the flight is smooth and easy… buen viaje! love you!!!

  7. Thank you both so much for sharing your journey this way. You travel with so much love…from more sources and places than I suspect any of us fully realize. You’ve touched so many people, and left pieces of yourselves in so many hearts! It’s a joy to think about how those connections are pulsing nourishment your way now. Peace and joy to you both as you take these next steps in your journey. Deep love to you….Love, John

  8. Very very dear Georgia:

    This is Lupita from Santo Domingo, I’m praying constantly for Jeff’s health and for your journey.

    With much love and gratitude.


    Enviado desde mi iPad

    El 11/02/2013, a las 21:04, “Our Healing Journey to Brazil” escribió:


  9. Mi querida Georgia aprendo de ti cada día y en está búsqueda de sanación para Jeff los
    acompaño, con todo mi corazón .

  10. joining the voices in sending you tons of love on this next leg of your journey. It’s so wonderful to see how much love you both have from all of us who’s hearts you have touched. xxxooo Susan

  11. My dear Georgia, my soul is with both of you. Enjoy this trip, happiness is a powerful medicine. I send my love to you and a healing breath to Jeff.

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