From Abadiania, Brazil

Hello again,

We arrived at the Sao Paolo airport on Tues afternoon and because we were in first class, we managed to find our way through customs very easily.  We picked up our bags and found our connecting flight in the same terminal, so no rushing.  Jeff did not sleep much on the 9.5 hour flight so he was exhausted.  The flight to Brasilia was 1.5 hours and when we arrived, our taxi driver was waiting at arrivals – a beautiful rotund Brazilian called Raphael.  He drove the 90 min. trip while we tried a few Portuguese words (abrigado) and slept with our heads nodding and bobbing.  We arrived at our hotel, Pousada Caminho Encantado, where our guide, Frenk, met us and gently guided our tired bodies through some orientation, dinner and a little coaching because we needed to have 3 questions each for John of God when we were to meet him the next day.  Tired beyond tired when we finally went to bed at 9pm.  The next morning we were up (sort of) at 6:15, had breakfast and set off dressed all in white to John of God’s Casa.  

This is a very little town, red dirt roads, little boutiques for the tourists, big tourist buses bringing in the people who come hear for healing.  There are people in wheelchairs, children, families, old ones and people with strokes and cancer and all sorts of ailments.  Frenk told us that because this was the last day of Carnival, some people come to be cleansed.  It is a humbling experience to be one of the ones coming here to seek healing.

Frenk met us at the Casa at 7:30am and helped us through the confusing details – where to get the tickets, which ticket to ask for, which line to stand in, where to find quiet amidst all the conversations and confusion.  At 8am, he managed to bring us to the front of the line so that Jeff did not have to stand too long and we were moving slowly through the main hallway, hundreds of people meditating, mediums channeling the energy, people with children and wheelchairs moving ahead of us to be seen by Joao.  When we were in front of him, it took him only seconds to look at us, through us, and then he said we were to both have spiritual operations.  Much has happened since, but I would like all of you to know that we had operations yesterday afternoon and have spent the past 24 hours in bed sleeping and recovering.  We are tired but well.  I know that this stretches the imagination but we are accepting whatever comes our way and we are very grateful to be two of the ones receiving help in this little town in Brazil.  

Tomorrow we will be taking photos of Tristen, Emily, David, Steve and Yerina in front of Joao and we will send you details privately of whatever instructions come through him.  

Our love to all of you and thank you for your thoughts and prayers and companionship.  

Jeff and GeorgiaImage

8 thoughts on “From Abadiania, Brazil

  1. love & love & more love… and light…
    wow! Georgia you share so vividly, it is like being by your side, and we are!!
    lots of hugs and love from us two t & H

  2. Thank you so much for finding the energy to share so beautifully! What an amazing experience. I can’t help but weep with love, gratitude, and longing, looking at your sweet, sweet faces. So many hopes and wishes in my heart…what comes thru the loudest is just asking the universe…”Please!” With deepest love, John

  3. My beloved friends, may you have the healing you need. I still praying for the miracle. I
    My heart is full of love for you.

  4. Oh Wow! Wow! Oh Wow, Georgia. Oh Wow, Jeff! Surgery! Wow…..both of you….wow….
    And so wonderful to see your smiling sweet vulnerable faces!
    love, love, love you guys,
    Katie & Kenny

  5. Thanks for sharing so many details and keeping us tuned in mom! Wishing you both safety and bravery for this unknown journey.

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