Remembering Guadalajara

Hakomi RestingGrad 1Grad 2Remembering Ron

Hello everyone,
I am writing from Abadiania, Brazil but I wanted to offer you a few photos of our graduating class in Guadalajara. We spent four deeply emotional days together at Pati’s training centre, laughing, crying, resting and learning more about ourselves and Hakomi. Saturday night was The Hakomi Oscar Night where the students were showered with honors in various categories – Drama Queens, The Good Girls (Las Buenas Buenas), The Sexy Ones, The Weepers, Las Fumadas, The Defrosted Hearts, The King and Queen of Hearts (guess who!) – and we ate a delicious Mexican buffet and danced into the night to a live Mariachi band.  Kenny and Katie and Jeff and I walked home before midnight in the warm night air of Guadalajara, sharing our experiences and our appreciation of Mexico and her hospitality.  Of course there was Hakomi resting on Sunday.  Sunday evening after class, Christina led us through another healing ceremony and at the end, we were given white feathered wings to wear and we became a circle of angels.  For those of you who know Kenny, I want you to know that he was a great sport!  And Jeff looks pretty good in wings too!  Monday was graduation.  The students had prepared graduation caps with red hearts gently swinging like tassels, the Weeping Ones gathered together clutching kleenex boxes to support our youngest student who read her appreciations of the teaching and the experiences, the teaching team and her fellow students.  And at noon we hugged everyone, waved our goodbyes, jumped into taxis and sped away to the airport to catch our flight back to Mexico City.  So this is a special thank you to our team in Guadalajara – Pati, Rosi, Mari Carmen – and to all of our students who sent us on our journey with more love than we could ever imagine.

With a lot of love and gratitude to all of you.

Georgia and Jeff

2 thoughts on “Remembering Guadalajara

  1. sounds lovely!!!
    congratulations for everybody!

    big hug for you and Jeff
    how is Brazil? a great country!
    dance some batucada!!!

    love u

  2. I imagine the guys with angel wings!
    remebering the Tepoz graduation dancing Barry Manilow!!!


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