End of the First Week

Hello to all of our family and friends,

We made it through the first working week here in Abadiania.  Joao works only on Wed, Thurs and Fri and so much has happened during this brief but intense week.  As you know, we both had spiritual surgeries on Wed afternoon and spent the following 24 hours in bed sleeping and resting.  On Thursday afternoon we were able to stand up, enjoy dinner in our pousada and send out a few messages that we were alive and well.

Today we arrived at the Casa de Dom Inacio early (7:30am) and entered a large main hall where people sit to meditate throughout the next three to four hours that Joao is working at the end of this same hall.  We sat in meditation with about 200 others for 3.5 hours in 93 degree F heat on the most uncomfortable wooden benches but I suppose that’s not the point.  Jeff reports that his skinny bum has no fat and so he was really struggling with his behind while his frontal lobes were in bliss.  The energy is very strong in this room and everyone is requested to keep their eyes closed – we are instructed that we are creating a healing field that supports Joao’s body as he incorporates the entities that do the healing.  At the end of the meditation, when everyone has passed in front of Joao, the current or energy is turned back towards all of us who have been sitting.  The feeling is one of being very elevated and connected.

After lunch we returned to the Casa and joined the long lineups to go in front of Joao once again and to prepare for this “audience”, we spent quite a long time with our guide Frenk discussing what we would like to ask of the embodied Joao.  You can imagine the challenge – if you had a chance to ask for a healing or to ask about how to heal, what would you ask?  What would you request?  Frenk moves us deeply into the question until we really feel like we are close to the roots of healing issues.  I realize that although I have aches and pains and various physical things happening, my questions are about consciousness – how can I be more compassionate with the people who have hurt me?  how can I be more aware and understand who I am as both as a physical and a non-physical being?  And my second questions was reduced to one word in Portuguese – bones.  I love it – it is rather like all of my experience and philosophy rolled into a poem.

As we passed in front of Joao today, we offered him all of the photos we brought of people who need some healing and he wrote out spiritual prescriptions for each of you.  Yesterday I forgot to include Willow in the list but your photo was with us today.  I asked Frenk if this means that the entities are already working with each of you and the answer is yes.  So be aware and open to what might be coming your way.  And just to reassure you, the energy today was so sweet and loving, my heart was soothed by his caring.  He held out his hand which I took briefly and I felt very cared for by this man-spririt.  And the news for Jeff and me – we both have surgeries next Wed morning.  Thank goodness we have four days to just enjoy this beautiful countryside.

As difficult it has been this week for Jeff to find the energy and resources to rise early in the morning and sustain himself through the long hot days, he sends all of you his gratitude for your loving thoughts and support.  He couldn’t do this by himself and he is very grateful for all that you are offering – love and prayers and so much kindness.  This is what is getting him through.

We hope you are feeling us returning love and gratitude from Brazil.

Georgia and JeffJeff & Georgia


12 thoughts on “End of the First Week

  1. wow!! sounds fabulous to be in the energy!! so wishing i could be with you both!! i love u both so much and appriciate how much you are giving by writing these experiences for us!! big huge loving hugs and kisses from me in vancouver, on this very beautiful sunny day here!!!!!! xoxololo

  2. I am full of love for you two, and beaming it your way. Wishing you both all the healing you can each absorb on your journey.
    Thank you for taking the time and care to include us all in your experiences.

  3. Hey You Two,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. Sending tons of love your way from the west coast. You got 80 years of love from Nadine whose birthday was on Saturday. Eve is here as well and will send you her own message I am sure. We all love you and are with you in spirit.

    annie and marko

  4. We are so moved by your courage, Georgia and Jeff
    David sends thoughts of soft lambs wool cushions for Jeff to sit upon

  5. I echo the thanks for your sharing. It is truly wonderful to know about your experience, and especially to see your beautiful faces. Sending much love and appreciation of your immense courage.
    love you both
    xxxoo Susan

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