Resting Days

Hello everyone,

It is Tuesday morning here in Abadiania, a very warm morning with blue skies which promise 90 degree heat again today.  We are in a resting phase, although I was awake with the morning sunrise, orange skies at the eastern horizon.  Jeff is sleeping this morning as his nights are wakeless – I’m not sure what is happening to him but we have been told that sometimes what we think or what we suffer becomes exaggerated.  So his chronic insomnia has been a big problem for him.  I’m hoping that this will subside because he is moving through the days exhausted, with very few resources, although yesterday was much better and he seems to be in a stronger place.  Thank goodness we have help from Frenk because he is guiding us through this journey and he is really fine guide.

On Sunday Frenk took us to the waterfall which is on the same property as the Casa – a beautiful little waterfall where people go to be cleansed.  As we were walking down the path into the forest, everything felt so familiar although the trees and plants are more tropical, but I realized with a lot of gratitude that this is familiar because we spend so much time together in wild places with the same kind of openness to what is hidden from our view.

Yesterday we walked to the Casa and had a treatment called the crystal beds which are lights shining through crystals that are aimed at the chakras.  After the chakra treatments, we took our photos of David, Steve, Emily, Willow, Yerina and Tristen to one of the many triangles which hang on the walls here and we offered gratitude and sent wishes for their healing.

For those of you reading this, I can imagine how some of this might sound – like maybe we have stepped out of reality and into a fantasy.  And you’re right.  This does seem fantastical like a movie with someone else’s script and an unknown director and producer.  But here we are, trusting the process and enjoying it.  It is like suspending the structures of the world we are familiar with and participating in another reality, one that has rules and guidelines and it’s own way of working, much of it with Brazilian style.  We are in a Catholic and Spiritist environment so there are many religious images and prayers, photos of various healers who work through medium Joao, blessings from many religious traditions including the Dalai Lama, most instructions in Portuguese, and a kind of intimacy with other worlds and other beings.  This is very natural to Brazilians.  It is foreign to this Canadian but it is not offensive.  Some of you know my aversion to Christianity and its symbols but I notice that inside this experience in Brazil, all of it seems normal.  Yesterday at the Casa I walked by a room where, piled up by the hundreds, were crutches and walking apparatus that have been discarded by those who now can walk because of the healing that has occurred for them.  Old pieces of wood made into crutches, modern aluminum ones, one after the other left behind.  And of course there are wheelchairs sitting unused as well.  It made me feel like I was looking straight into the face of miracles and the unknown and I am confounded by it all.  And I think I caught a glimpse of those people who can walk again, how their lives have been changed forever and their minds and hearts I’m sure.  It really is quite humbling.

Many of us are tourists and foreign seekers but many people who come here are Brazilians who are deeply faithful and I saw a man in the garden of the Casa have an intimate talk with one of the bronze statues in the garden, a statue whose name is given to the Casa.  Loyola died in 1556 but here is a modern Brazilian talking with him, hands on his shoulders, like one man to another man whom he loves.  People here carry a deep faith and you can feel it as they enter the ceremonies and processes of healing at the Casa.  I am an outsider but still I feel welcome to participate to the extent that I am able.

Tomorrow morning (Wed) both Jeff and I undergo a second spiritual surgery which means we will be out of connection for 24 hours after the procedure.  Frenk will be taking care of us during that time, bringing meals to our room, checking on our wellbeing.

I am including a few photos today:  an orange tree which is right outside our room, the pathway to our room and the door to our room.  Just so you can imagine where we are.

Our PathOur DoorwayOrange TreeJeffwith love from Jeff and Georgia


14 thoughts on “Resting Days

  1. Dearest mom and Jeff,
    I am so grateful for your openness and bravery in new experiences! I was very relieved to read your update today and I will be sending my wishes for your healing for tomorrow’s session. Love you both and thank you for bringing me along, in photo form and otherwise!
    LOVE, em

  2. Dear Gerorgia and Jeff, you are so generous to be sharing so many details of this magical experience,mfull of such a deep faith. Wich is so touching and inspiring. And your love, your loving presence for each other and for the rest of the world, it is so deep, so beautiful. Thank you so much.
    Love you both very, very much.

  3. For some reason I was deeply touched by seeing your door. I can imagine you both there, supporting each other and basking in the magic surrounding you. Love love love to you.

  4. Georgia,
    Thank you so much for your updates. You and Jeff are in my thoughts and heart. I’m sending love love love to you both. Terry

  5. Grateful with both of you for sharing with us your journey to healing. A part of me is traveling with you. Love you very much dear dear Georgia.

  6. I have been thinking of you and was happy to see your update this morning. Your updates and photos have a balming quality, they give me peace and contentment. You give me company! Blessings and love for you both!

  7. Hello dear dear Georgia and Jeff!
    I and we are very much in contact with you, you share so beautifully Georgia. Many many thanks! The pathway to your room looks so cozy… And your sharing is so full of love, it touches me deeply.
    I wish you lots of healing in today’s session and peaceful resting for the next 24 hours. I accompany you in my thoughts and from my heart.
    Love you a lot and send you a big and caring hug, yours tatiana

  8. Thanks so much for this beautiful post! (They ALL are amazing!)
    Sending you love and thoughts of healing for you both as you undergo the operation and rest afterwards. Been thinking of you all night and will keep you in my heart all day.

  9. Another precious gift of your words! It means so much the way you are reaching out, painting such a vivid picture of your experience, and enabling all of us to “touch” and share the beauty, peaceful power, and hope! Georgia, I am impressed and appreciative of how you are embracing so much that is unfamiliar, or even had unpleasant associations from the past. Jeff, I am remembering, appreciating, and missing your hugs (those amazing “Jeff hugs” where you are held by Jeff, nourished by the connection, and just when you think it’s done Jeff takes a deep breath, gives a bit of a sigh, and settles in for the second half…where the nourishment deepens and gets much, much richer!). Sending waves of love to you both….John

  10. What a lovely garden
    I am also touched to see your door, feel you very close : )

    I am laughing Georgia as i know you and for the thoughts we have shared about spirituality

    For us in Mexico is so natural as we grew up in this kinda ambiance, but brazil!!! Is the mecca!!!
    What an experience
    I am so happy you are there

    Light beams on you dears

    I love you


  11. I have already commented using your email address. Thank you to take the time to share this. Love is with us and around and in us. I’m adding my little bit to it. Take care and rest Love Yvon

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