Second Resting Phase

Hello everyone,

We have been through a second working week in Abadiania and have emerged into the beauty of a Brazilian morning, blue skies and cool breezes with a promise of heat in the afternoon.  Jeff and I recovered well from our 24 hours of post surgery – it is a bit like coming out of an anesthetic – a bit thick, a little weary and needing a lot of resting.  Going through these spiritual interventions is difficult to explain – sometimes we feel something in our bodies and sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes the energy seems to run at a very high vibration and at other times, we are flattened and exhausted with very little fuel in our tanks.  Fortunately Frenk visits us in the midst of all that is happening and offers his wisdom and his humor and we are able to not fall into the trap of self pity or despair.  He keeps us light and helps us notice the space in which there is always a possibility of laughter or healing or simplicity, just accepting how things are and not bothering too much with what isn’t.

On Thursday afternoon we spent 3.5 hours again inside the meditation rooms while people filed by, hundreds of people.  I was so pleased that I was able to sit still for that long without discomfort and with a sense of the flow of energy.  But Jeff was in more pain and discomfort and the effort of sitting so long was really exhausting for him.  Our time here is like that – we never know what we are going to encounter or what will feel good and what will be difficult, but we keep trying to take advantage of the potential for healing that is here and accept when it is not so comfortable.  On Friday morning we filed once again past the medium Joao and this time we were told to come back at 2pm.  In the afternoon, we arrived on time and waited patiently in the garden for two hours until the lines began to file in front of him.  We were the last line to be called and when we filed passed him, we encountered a love so divine that in less than 10 seconds, we were filled to overflowing and we enjoyed that feeling of well being all night and all this morning.  It is so amazing that in the few seconds that we have in front of him, so much can happen.

One of the things that is surprising here is the complexity of what we are experiencing and witnessing.  Each of the entities that we encounter through Joao is different – some seem to see through us with a piercing and stern gaze, some are rather efficient and perhaps military in the way that people are processed and some carry divine love.  And in the Casa itself, we see such diversity.  Some of the people are guides who bring people here from all over the world – some are mediums, some are shamans, some clear negative energies and some are just good people.  There are candy sellers and crystal sellers, there are pharmacists selling herbs and sellers of crystal beds.  It’s all here and it could be very confusing.  There is healing and then there is the business of healing.  I’m grateful for Frenk that he is able to guide us through this marketplace and help us keep our focus on the lessons we have come to learn.

Here are a few photos which might help you imagine our journey with Frenk.  love from G&JNew friends

New friends


Discussing the Nature of Awareness
Discussing the Nature of Awareness
Recovering from meditation
Recovering from meditation



3 thoughts on “Second Resting Phase

  1. Dear Georgia and Jeff,
    Like so many of your friends and family, we are holding you both in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much for sharing some of your experiences with such clarity and generosity – it helps so much to hear from you, to see pictures, and to get a small glimpse into this amazing adventure that you are having together.
    With much love, Marianne & David

  2. 😀 😀 Jeff, you look pleasantly wiped! I have such a big smile on my face right now just imagining you both overwhelmed at times and wide open! open, how beautiful! simple. and pretty natural for
    you too.

  3. Dear Georgia and dear Jeff! So good to hear from you, thank you so much for all you share with us. Amazing everything! I think so often of you, and read your “experiences” more than once. Thanks for the photos also.
    Lots of love, and hugs for you two, yours tatiana

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