Mini Miracle on Monday

A Road in Abadiania

Hello everyone,

This is the road that we walk in Abadiania every day.  This morning we walked to the Casa to put some of our friends and family in the prayer triangle and to have a crystal bed treatment and I found myself in doubt about this process, whether or not it is going to be effective, whether or not we should stay, and I was asking Jeff how he felt about it.  Jeff’s right eye has been losing vision because of one of the tumors and this has been quite worrisome.  He stopped in front of the Casa and said he noticed that he could see  relatively well through his right eye and was surprised.

And then a mini miracle happened for us.  A woman walked out of the Casa gates – she was dressed in a short skirt and t-shirt which read JESUS in capital letters, flip flops, slightly disheveled and English speaking.  She passed by us and then turned around and came back to speak with us.  Without introducing herself, she said that “he” meaning Joao and the entities, “he can help you, his specialty is cancer and blindness, and it might take time.  Sometimes it takes only a week and sometimes it takes years.  But don’t give up.”  And then she said again, “Don’t give up, ok?”

Well, that was all I needed, a little boost, a little miracle that will keep me here and keep me believing that healing is possible for all of us.  So, I’m passing this little miracle along to any of you who need it.  Don’t give up.  Whatever ails you or hurts you or seems too much to manage, don’t give up.  Me too, I won’t give up.

Love to all of you,


16 thoughts on “Mini Miracle on Monday

  1. Your post today resonated so much with me and I am so happy to hear that your “don’t give up” is not the head down bashing through kind (a personal favorite of mine) but the kind that is open to what ever comes and can see the support along the way. Thanks for reminding me of how to not give up.

  2. A Course In Miracles says there is no order of difficulty in miracles – a miracle is a miracle. Such good news to hear you’re in the right place!

  3. With tears in my eyes I tell you ” this couldn’t have arrived in a better moment. Miracles do happen. ”
    I won’t give up and I’m so glad neither are you.
    All my love.

  4. Georgia and Jeff, my screen is also blurred with tears. I will not give up. Thank you for sharing so much with us in these posts and photos. I am finding such nourishment from your courage and vastness and love.

    Stella has been swimming and finds extreme delight in the water rushing over her body and in meeting all the other little swimmers. So we are sending you the swimming giggles from the little fishy and big fishies! Love, heather

  5. dear Georgia and Jeff! yes!!! thanks for sharing, you, we, i will not give up…! because miracles do happen!!
    love you so much, tatiana

  6. inspiring and beautiful, as always. love to you both and thanks again Georgia for the magnificent telling of your journey xxxooo Susan

  7. Oh Georgia! how inspiring and touching, thank you for being so generous, your sharing is so beautiful! and yes! please, don’t give up! I will not!
    Much, much love

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