Wednesday Surprises

Room with a View
Room with a View

Hello everyone,

I’m writing to you onWednesday evening and sending you the view from our window.  We have been sent to bed once again and we will be looking out into this green valley for the next 36 hours.  I think the entities have something to tell us about staying quiet and just resting!

This morning we went past Joao and were both sent to have “crystal baths.”  Sounds really exotic and it is – there are at least a dozen rooms with a single bed and laser lights suspended over the bed.  The light is shone through crystals, seven of them, each one aimed at one of the chakras.  And you just lie very still for 20 minutes.  The effect can be quite energizing.  This time Jeff felt very exhausted and when we returned to the Casa for the afternoon sessions, he went into his third surgery.  So he will be out of touch until tomorrow evening for those family members who might be expecting a call or an email.  He is fine and ate a plate full of food that I brought to him in our room.

I went past Joao this afternoon and was told to have a third surgery tomorrow morning, so I too will be out of touch until Friday morning.  I will be tending to Jeff’s needs until tomorrow and then Frenk will take care of both of us for the remaining time.  I am very surprised that they are working on me again – I thought I was going to have an easy week but I’m also willing to do whatever is asked of me while I’m here.  They say that healing here is 25% the entities, 25% Grace and 50% me.  I’m trying to take care of my half.

Today I was in the main hall when Joao came on stage and did 2 physical surgeries and one energetic surgery.  I don’t know what to say except that I knew I was witnessing a miracle.  I have listened to many western trained physicians talking about these physical surgeries and one neurosurgeon was particularly convincing when he said that he cannot operate like Joao without pain, without infection, without anesthetics and that as a medical doctor, he feels compelled to understand what is happening.  Me too, I want to understand what is happening before my eyes.  When Joao is doing these surgeries, he is not conscious and you can see that he moves in a strange way and he looks at his assistants differently than normal and his eyes have a very profound look in them.  Today when I went past him, his eyes were turned up in the sockets as he witnessed me and gave me instructions.  It is all quite strange but not spooky at all.  Just different than anything I have experienced before.  Each entity that works through him is unique and you can get a sense of it when you are in front of him.  Sometimes you just feel an enormous love and today I felt a lot of concentrated energy.  Some people say that this place is sacred and that the veil is very thin.  That is probably true but I need to be able to bring some of this home with me – maybe just the consciousness that there are other realms and sometimes we can access them.  And I think I’m learning how to ask for help.  Sounds so simple but not for some of us!

Jeff and I are planning to leave here Saturday at noon, although Jeff is staying open to the option of staying if he gets a clear signal to do so.  If we do leave, we’ll be staying at a hotel in Brasilia on Saturday evening and then flying early early early Sunday morning to Mexico City and then home to Vancouver on Monday.  I’ll try to write one more time from here.

Thanks to each one of you who has been following this blog and wishing for Jeff’s healing.  We feel very accompanied on this journey and we are so grateful for all of your love.

Georgia and Jeff

Love from Brazil
Love from Brazil

9 thoughts on “Wednesday Surprises

  1. how to respond to these writings of yours georgia!! i am so moved and yet, don’t really know what to say!!! i feel so happy that you are there and experiencing these things for all of us really. and so blessed that i can follow along from where i am. thank you. as you know, i love you both so much. it sounds amazing, fantastical, profound, life changing and beautiful. thank you for writing. all my love and blessings, lorraine xoxololo

  2. Such beautiful, peaceful, and powerful words! Cradling you both in my heart and mind as you rest. Noticing that I will be watching for observable changes when I next see you. There seem to have been such profound shifts…will I still recognize my beautiful teacher? 🙂 Praying for the miracles to continue. Sending waves of love and appreciation…Love, John

  3. Reading your experience moves my heart and open my senses trying to feel the energíes and levels that you both are going through..
    I keep You in my prayers and in my Love!
    Luisa Sierra

  4. Imagining your experiencies, your surprised faces, your hope, lets me be closer to you, wishing the same miracle, your healing. My love and admiration are next to you my dear Georgia.


  5. Yes, there doesn’t seem to be words sufficient to follow your words, Georgia. Your experience comes alive when I read your incredible descriptions, and I can feel the love between you and Jeff, and the love from all of us who are so blessed to know you. Continuing to send lots of love ….

  6. Dear Georgia and Jeff! Thank you so much for letting us accompany you through all you writings! I really felt very near to you. How incredibly different and yet real all your experiences. And over all stands that profound love between the two of you and you are extending it to all of us who love you too!
    Have a very safe trip home, we love you a lot. Until very soon, big hugs and a kiss, yours tatiana & Hans

  7. Georgia,
    Feels like we’re all receiving a contact high from your exquisite descriptions and writing…. almost like being there with you both through the many many steps of this mystery.
    As always, deep love to you and Jeff,
    love, Jill andMike and Teddy

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