Safely Home

Jeff and Georgia


Hello everyone,

Well, we are home once again and gratefully so.  Much has happened since my last blog and I’m not sure where to begin because the last two days of travel were a bit of a blur. So let me begin at the Casa.  The last three days in Abadiania were rich with goodbyes.  Jeff and I each had a final operation – locations unknown – and we slept for 24 hours which took us to Friday morning.  We packed Friday morning and then spent the afternoon waiting in line to see John of God for a final goodbye.  People at the Casa call it the “bye bye line” – and of course it was the last line to be called so the wait was long.  Again, a brief moment in front of this man of healing is always touching.  We took him a dozen white roses and a few little items to be blessed, including a little carved piece of arbutus from Willow.  He picked up her carving, looked at it carefully and asked what it was.  Frenk was with us and tried to explain that it was a carving from his daughter.  I’m not sure if “beings of light” know what arbutus is or what carvings are or who Willow is, but it was a very special moment for Jeff.

On Saturday at noon, Frenk arrived to have lunch with us and carry our bags to the taxi.  We said our goodbyes to him and tried to express our gratitude for his expert guidance at the Casa and in the realms of awareness.  Every once in awhile we are lucky enough to have someone come into our lives and nudge us in the right direction.  So, thanks Frank for the nudge!

On Saturday 1pm Brazilian time we started our journey home by taking a taxi to Brasilia, a 1 1/2 hour drive from Abadiania.  We slept five hours at the hotel and then took a taxi at 2am to the airport.  We arrived in Sao Paolo at 7am and our next flight left at 9:20am.  We arrived in Mexico City at 4pm.  So that was the first two legs of the journey and 3 time zones.  We set the alarms for 3am Mexico time and checked into our flight at 4am – the flight left at 7am and we arrived in Vancouver at 11am (5pm Brazil time), 6 time zones away.  Our friend Salan picked us up at international arrivals and we spent five hours talking and talking and talking (and having some lunch in the sweet spaces in between).  Our flight to Powell River landed at 5:15 and we were home at 5:30pm.  According to my calculations, our journey was 58 hours door to door, and you can imagine how we are feeling today.  A little groggy but so grateful to be home.

Our journey to Brazil is over but our healing journey is not.  We both have a lot to digest and I would like to write all of you a little later when we have had time to reflect on what has happened and also to let you know how Jeff is doing.  We are both very grateful for all the love that has been coming our way and the support at home – to Chloe who took care of our house and Yvon who took care of our boat.  We feel connected to each one of you and we send you wishes for your health, your happiness and your freedom from suffering.

With love from Powell River,




15 thoughts on “Safely Home

  1. hola!!!!!

    happy you are home and lovely to know about you two
    would you like to keep on sharing?
    it is lovely to know about you, about how you are doing

    love u

  2. Welcome home! On all levels of what that means. Big hugs to you both. It’s been an honour to share some of the journey with you, thanks.

  3. Oh! you look so beautiful guys! wow! such a great love is truly inspiring. I’m glad you make it back home, though it was such a long journey, it sound as you figure our how to enjoy each an every minute of it. Thank you so much for being so generous to share with us your experience.
    My beloved friends, I carry you within my heart every day and wish you pure blessings.

  4. So lovely to see the photo of you both at home. Welcome back! Continuing to send you love and to savour all the news.
    xxxoo Susan

  5. I am so happy to hear that you made it home safely and look forward to hearing more about your healing journey. I have really appreciated the blog and the updates that we have been getting.
    Sending love your way, Tara

  6. Very grateful to hear you are safely home. Such a momentous journey in all ways. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    Much love to you both.


  7. Welcome home !
    Thanks for taking the time to write.
    I love you.
    Wild Horses.
    Wishing you you well, all the way.

  8. Welcome Home ! Thank You for sharing your experience. I have You both in my heart. Love You!
    Luisa Sierra

  9. Great to have you both back , thanks a lot for the posts so that we could share some of that amazing journey ! I look forward to seing you both again soon , love Roger

  10. Great picture, you guys! Glad you’re home and hope the healing continues! Love, Jonell

  11. Hello Jeff and Georgia, Last night I read your blog and many comments on your journey to Mexico and Brazil. It was very touching to read your descriptions and reflections Georgia. I loved the pictures and it was lovely to see so much love and serenity in your faces. The whole journey reminded be of Brene Brown talking about “leaning into vulnerability” and how the ones that do this well are the most resilient. It was so clear that you were moved through space and time with the touch of a thousand hands and that the love and support you leaned into rebounded with such generosity back to the listeners of your story. Last night I dreamt of being welcomed into the Hakomi circle, people moving back to make one more place in the circle. And then, thanks to John Gass, I received a very long bear hug from Jeff. 🙂 A very healing hug. Thank you. Sending a bow swell of love and bear hugs back to you both.

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